School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)

Sl No Acad Year Faculty Name Patent Title Appl. Number Date Filed Status
1 AY201920 Satyajit Ghosh , DibyaDarshi Ghosh, Nithish Chauvan Adjustable agricultural sprays 4164/CHE/2011 17-12-2019 Granted
2 AY201920 Akash Mohanty, Rahamathunnisa U Enhanced Machine Learning approach for the detection of IOT Cyber-attacks in the Smart Environment 202031025563 17-06-2020 Published
3 AY201920 Vincent Herald Wilson , Jose S Table top micro milling machine 26 2020 10-03-2020 Published
4 AY201920 Rajkumar E, Rahul Warghane Combined Harvester with Dry residue compactor 202041008778 02-03-2020 Published
5 AY201920 Rajkumar E, Praveen Kumar Semi-Automatic versatile Automatic car lifting mechanism 202041008780 02-03-2020 Published
6 AY201920 Rajkumar E, Praveen Kumar Blind stick for visually impaired 202041007445 21-02-2020 Published
7 AY201920 R Prakash, CG Mohan IBAS Vehicle: Intelligent Balancing Advanced Vehicle Structure 202041005033 A 12-02-2020 Published
8 AY201920 K Venkataraman, N Mani, Raghuram Pradhan, T Sampath Kumar Natural Fibre particle Reinforced Composites 201941052769 A 19-12-2019 Published
9 AY201920 A John Rajan, Jagadeesh Gopal, J Vellingiri Decentralized management of data for Mhealth using consortium Blockchain 201941049381 A 02-12-2019 Published
10 AY201920 John Rajan A Decentralized management of data for Mhealth using consortium Blockchain 201941049381 02-12-2019 Published
11 AY201920 D Elangovan, Peter K Joseph, Thundil Karuppa Raj R Current Fed Fuel Cell Powered High Voltage Charging 201941048472 11/26/2019 Published
12 AY201920 Somya Ranjan Gochhayat, Bhagtani Jay Laxman, Senthil Kumar.A Three Split Regenerative Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Power Cycle 201941033793 8/22/2019 Published
13 AY201920 I.S.Rajay Vedaraj, Abdul Rahim Abdul Wahid Design and Fabrication of Artificial Aggregate Manufacturing Machine 201941035014A 8/30/2019 Published
14 AY201920 Rajkumar.E. Design and Development of Diabetic Sole for Natural Remedy 201941030231 7/26/2019 Published
15 AY201920 C.Ramesh Kumar, A. Rammohan Lifetime Prediction Algorithm for High Power Light Emitting Diode based on Thermal aspects 201941033801 8/22/2019 Published
16 AY201920 M.Anthony Xavior, J.Joel, P.Jeyapandiarajan, P.Ashwath Laser assisted processing of Aluminium alloy composites for Automotive Brake Pad 201941038438 9/24/2019 Published
17 AY201920 R.Ramakrishnan, Shubham Gupta, Ankit Sharma Surface Leveling Reconfigurable Walker for Stair/ Ramp Climbing 201941030274 7/26/2019 Published
18 AY201920 Jose.S, M.Manoharan Car air quality monitoring and climatronic system for mild segment cars 42/2019 9/24/2019 Published
19 AY201920 E.Porpatham, Ramesh Turbulence enhancing combustion chamber for gaseous fulled spark ignition engines 201941034751 08-06-2019 Published
20 AY201920 D.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Ama Movalia, Abhisek Acharya Automative coupling de-coupling system with independent functional units implemented in railway transportation 201941035007 8/30/2019 Published
21 AY201920 K.Jayakrishna Smart Dentrifice Brush 201941038429 9/24/2019 Published
22 AY201920 I.Manjubala, G.Priya, U.Narendra Kumar Carboxymethyl cellulose porous scaffolds for bone regeneration application 201941034996 A 8/30/2019 Published
23 AY201920 Ashok.B, Jo Samuel An approach for carbon capture using chemical absorbents to control carbon-di-oxide (CO2) emission in Internal Combustion (IC) engines 201941030256 7/26/2019 Published
24 AY201920 S.Renold Elsen A novel mechanical waterless and odourless toilets 201941031719 08-06-2019 Published
25 AY201920 Bikash Routh Double inclined teethed harmonic driev with split circular spline and needle roller bearing 201941034997 8/30/2019 Published
26 AY201920 Bikash Routh Self-reservoir and self-pumping porous strain wave generating CAM 201941035003 8/30/2019 Published
27 AY201920 I.S.Rajay Vedaraj Walking wheeled robot chair using cooperative manipulators concept 201941038436 A 9/24/2019 Published
28 AY201920 I.S.Rajay Vedaraj Solar powered bi-cycle with zero energy consumption and loss 201941034995 A 8/30/2019 Published
29 AY201920 D. Vincent Herald Wilson Exhaust Fan for Car Cabin 320215-001 7/30/2019 Published
30 AY201920 M.Manikandan, N. Arivazhagan, M.Sathishkumar, Yash Jitendra Bhakat Development of technique to preclude the segregation in aerospace alloy UNS N06002 by conventional double pulse arc welding 201941046300 A 11/14/2019 Published
31 AY201920 M.Manikandan, N. Arivazhagan, Anivesh Chintala, Vishwa Teja Vasam, M.Tejaswi Kumar Wire + Arc additive Technology development for producing UNS N06625 alloy for conventional pulsed current gas tungsten arc welding 201941048015 A 11/25/2019 Published
32 AY202021 Thundil Karuppa Raj Rajagopal, D Elangovan A liquid-cooled battery thermal management system for a two-wheeler vehicle 202141005377 09-02-2021 Published
33 AY202021 Vanmathi C, Hemalatha S, Giriraj M, Pandivelan C Image Steganography System and method of Embedding Data 202041043403 06-10-2020 Published
34 AY202021 Vanmathi C, Navaneethan C, Giriraj M, Pandivelan C Virtual Vision System for visually impaired people and method thereof 202041038731 02-10-2020 Published
35 AY202021 John Rajan A, Mayuresh Pranav Joshi, Jose S, Sampath Kumar T Trazor (Travel Razor) 202041039350 11-09-2020 Published
36 AY202021 M. Natatajan, Y. Raja Sekhar, C. Chiranjeevi A Food Disposal Device 202041036255 22-08-2020 Published
37 AY202021 G V Sriramakrishnan, k Anusha, N Manikandan Design of IOT and FOG based system for remote elderly health monitoring 202041032536 29-07-2020 Published
38 AY202021 S Renold Elsen, S Zubair Ahamed, A Mohammed Rilwan, S Mohammed suhail Linear hydro impulse energy to torque converter device 5215/CHE/2015 03-07-2021 Granted
39 AY202122 Dr Arun Tom Mathew, Dr Devendiran S, Dr Venkatesan K, and Dr Rajeswari C Educational Toy for Teaching Basic Malayalam Language 342488-001 01-01-2022 Granted
40 AY202122 Dr Devendiran S, Dr Arun Tom Mathew, Dr Venkatesan K, and Dr Rajeswari C Educational Toy for Teaching Basic Tamil Language 336361-001 01-02-2022 Granted
41 AY202122 Dr. Fathima Patham K A Laundry ball to Trap Microfibers 202041033962A 11-02-2022 Published
42 AY202122 Dr. Renold Elson Three Dimensional (3D) Printer a Multi-Layer and a Multi Material 202141057146' 18-02-2022 Published
43 AY202122 Dr. R. Subashini Dr. G. Velmurugan Mr. J. Giriraj Dr. Paul Effect of adequate staff welfare package n worker productivity 202241007996A 25-02-2022 Published
44 AY202122 Dr. M. Natarajan Integrated Driver Behaviour and Battery Optimization Techniques Using Machine Learning 202221010283A 11-03-2022 Published
45 AY202122 Dr. K. Venkatesan, Dr. S. Devendiran, Dr. Arun Tom Mathew & Dr. Rajeswari C Educational Toy for Teaching Basic Hindi Language 342376-001 19-03-2022 Granted
46 AY202122 Dr. C. Pandivelan, Dr. M. Giriraj and Mr. Rohit Magdum Design of Multi-point tools with up to twelve balls of different diameters for incremental sheet metal forming using CNC machines 343824-001 22-04-2022 Published
47 AY202223 Dr. Y. Rajasekhar BI-Symmetrical Web Flow Thermal Absorber for Photovoltaic Thermal system 202241030388A 10-06-2022 Published
48 AY202223 Dr. Vincent Herald Wilson & Dr. Jose S GPS Module (SET) for Children's Safety Shoe 332682-001 03-09-2022 Granted
49 AY202223 Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Chirag Garg & Dr. Aditya Chetty Atomized Spark Ignition (ASI) 391067 Nov.-2022 Granted - 03-03-2022
50 AY202223 Dr. Arun Tom Mathew A Mobile Vehicle Garage Assembly 411634 16-11-2022 Granted
51 AY202223 Dr. R. Vasudevan, Ms. Raunika Anand (17BME0220) & Mr. Arijeet Nath (17BME0234) Automated Hospital Robot 351605-001 16-12-2022 Granted
52 AY202223 Dr. Niranjana Behura Coconut grater attachement for household mixer grinders 331287-001 16-12-2022 Granted
53 AY202223 Dr. Renold Elson Vision Enchanced Source Seeking Microphone 202241064115 A 02-12-2022 Published
54 AY202223 Dr. A. John Rajan, Mr. Aditya Lad (19BMA0018) Mr. Ayush Gupta (19BMA0037), Mr. Karthikeya Thadani (19BMA0029), Ms. Aarushi Maity (19BPI0032), Mr.Kathan Jigarbhai Bhavsar (19BMA0024) & Mr. Parth Shah(Team Leader)(19BMA0022) Water Body Cleaning Machine 365683-001 Dec.-22 Granted
55 AY202223 Dr.Renold Elson A Machine Vision System 416448 02-01-2023 Granted
56 AY202223 Dr. John Rajan Care Port For COVID 19 365681-001 04-01-2023 Granted
57 AY202223 Dr. V.G. Sridhar Design and Development of IntelligentErgonomic Chair 373175-001 06-01-2023 Granted
58 AY202223 Dr. Vijesh Joshi A System and a method to nullify radiation error using multi thermocouple technique 201941011055 20-03-2023 Granted
59 AY202223 Dr. Devendiran S Ergonomic Intergrated Laptop Keypad 380346-001 17-05-2023 Granted
60 AY202223 Dr. R. Bharanidharan Multi-DOF Soft Actuator Design 366874-001 25-05-2023 Granted
61 AY202223 Dr. Devendiran S Ergonomic Computer Mouse 380345-001 17-05-2023 Granted
62 AY202324 Dr. Devendiran S Adjustable Ergonomic Table 380344-001 01-06-2023 Granted
63 AY202324 Dr. Devendiran S, Dr. Venkatesan K & Dr. Arun Tom Mathew Fluid Cooled Tool Holder 367994-001 01-06-2023 Granted
64 AY202324 Dr. M. Arivarasu Bicopter with Honeycomb Frame 366875-001 01-06-2023 Granted
65 AY202324 Dr. Aravind Raj S, Mr. Aayush Bhat & Mr. Anubhav Anurag Modular Filteration System for Harvesting Pure Rainwater 202141017620 15-06-2023 Granted
66 AY202324 Dr. Niranjana Behura Self-Lubricating crowned roller follower system in locomotives 369244001 07-06-2023 Granted
67 AY202324 Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Recongrav - seat lifting and center of gravity shifting mechanisms for a wheelchair 201641002700 09-06-2023 Granted
68 AY202324 Dr. Thundil Karruppa Raj, Dr. Elangovan D& Mr. Peter K Joseph Current Fed Fuel Cell Powered High Voltage Charging Circuit for Electric Vehicles 201941048472 03-08-2023 Granted
69 AY202324 Dr.Bibhtui Bhusan Sahoo & Mr. Kaleb Kassa (student) Portable Wind Energy Generator 366876-001 14-09-2023 Granted
70 AY202324 Dr. Tapano Kumar Hota       Granted
71 AY202324 Dr. Venkatesan K, Dr. Devendiran S & Dr. Arun Tom Mathew Foldable Wasing Machine 382465-001 05-10-2023 Granted
72 AY202324 Dr. Ramakrishnan, Mr. Shubham Gupta & Mr. Ankit Sharma (Alumni) Surface Leveling Reconfigurable Walker for Stair/ Ramp Climbing 466467 07-11-2023 Granted
73 AY202324 Dr. Arun Tom Mathew, Mr. Kovalan Sandiyappan (Alumni) Sliding Vane Internal Combustion Engine 467129 08-11-2023 Granted
74 AY202324 Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra, dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Mr. Methil Vivek Shankar (Alumni) Umbrella Holder 395751-001 15-11-2023 Granted
75 AY202324 Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra, dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Mr. Methil Vivek Shankar (Alumni) Non-Spill Cup 395752-001 16-11-2023 Granted
76 AY202324 Dr. Darius Gnanaraj S, Dr. g. Edison, Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, Dr. DRS Raghuraman & Mr. Sabareesh M (Student) Ergonomic Patient Transfer Chair 390925-001 16-11-2023 Granted
77 AY202324 Dr . R. Ramakrishnan, Mr. Saransh Chhawchharia, Mr. Anirudh Parmar, Mr. Akshay Bhaskar (Students) Seat position adjusting mechanism for lifting and shifting a seat of a wheelchair 201841034478 20-11-2023 Granted
78 AY202324 Dr. Sharan Chandran M Household Wheelbarrow 203596 23-11-2023 Granted
79 AY202324 Dr. Sekarapandian N & Mr. Selvaraji Muthu A Solar assissted close coupled hybrid desiccant wheel system with a catalytic combustion unit 469784 16-11-2023 Granted
80 AY202324 Dr M. Anthony Xavier, Dr. Kalainathan S Method for surface modification in graphene-alumnium alloy non-composites using low energy laser shock peening 483040 14-12-2023 Granted
81 AY202324 Dr. D. Sakthivadivel, Ms. G.S. Divya Laxmi (Scholar) Mixed Mode Solar Dryer 398094-001 27-12-2023 Granted
82 AY202324 Dr. Niranjana Behera, Dr. Raja Singh (ARC) & Dr. Shishir Kumar Behura (Scheme) Intelligent Urinary Catheter Bag Support 390923-001 27-12-2023 Granted
83 AY202324 Dr. S. Devendiran Support Tool for Infant Bath 390140-001 29-12-2023 Granted
84 AY202324 Dr. Sekarapandian N, Mr. Selvaraji Muthu (Scholar) System and Method for HVAC Device using a Hybrid Rotary Desiccant Wheel 492903 01-01-2024 Granted
85 AY202324 Dr. Arun Tom Mathew & Mr. Prahlad Rajhans (Student) Walker Assembly for Hemiplegic Patients 494365 04-01-2024 Granted
86 AY202324 Dr. S. Devendiran, Dr. Venkatesan K & Dr. Rajeswari C (SCORE) Closet Cleaning Brush 368174-001 04-01-2024 Granted
87 AY202324 Dr. S. Aravind Raj & Mr. G. Sakthi Balan (Scholar) DNA Structured Sandwich Composite for Automobile Chassis 396225-001 18-01-2024 Registered
88 AY202324 Dr. Bikash Routh Asymmetric Strain Wave Gearing System 502998 24-01-2024 Granted
89 AY202324 Dr. R. Kamatchi & Dr. R. Prakash Through Step Serrated Fin Solar Dryer 378449-001 25-01-2024 Registered
90 AY202324 Dr. Akash Mohanty & Dr. Rahamathunnisa U Multi-purpose non-touch Device for Avoiding a Physical Contact of a user with a surface 500697 18-01-2024 Granted
91 AY202324 Dr. M. Anthony Xavior, Dr. Joel. J, Dr. P. Jeyapandiarajan & Dr. Ashwath Laser Assisted Processing of Alumnium Alloy Composites for Automotive Brake Pad 506384 01-02-2024 Granted
92 AY202324 Dr. Tapano Kumar Hota & Dr. Niranjana Behera IOT-Based Smart Incinerator for Waste 396851-001 02-02-2024 Granted
93 AY202324 Dr. Devendiran S Semi Circular Finishing Trowel 380343-001 09-02-2024 Granted
94 AY202324 Dr. Soumen Pal, Dr. Sitaram Dash Octagonal Circuit Box for the Drone 384617-001 09-02-2024 Granted
95 AY202324 Dr. G. Praveen Kumar & Dr. Praveen Kumar G Portable Solar PV Kettle 402492-001 12-02-2024 Granted
96 AY202324 Dr. G. Praveen Kumar & Dr. Praveen Kumar G Multi-Purpose Cabinet Solar Dryer 398719-001 12-02-2024 Granted