School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT)

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This programme comprehensively focuses on all the aspects of hospitality management. Our goal is to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of current theories, concepts and laboratory practices. This course is aimed at those aspiring to be professionals in the field of hospitality industries. The students will be inculcated in the operations of hospitality sectors, star hotels and restaurant, front and back-office operations, housekeeping, culinary, food and beverage, marketing and sales, conferences, financial management, HR and personnel relations, purchasing and storage, sanitation, tourism marketing and management. In addition, the student will be nourished with industrial standards, computer skills, business communications, technical and interpersonal skills, inter cultural team dynamics, legal aspects and insurance and value of ethics. The curriculum was developed in response to huge industry demands for people with expertise in hospitality management. The course provides in-depth training and hands-on experience in various aspects of hospitality management.

B.Sc. Catering and Hotel Management

The program provides a successful advantage of working in the hospitality industry with a focus on hotels covering all core departments of a five-star hotel, including Front office, Accommodation operation, Food Production and Food & Beverage Service. The program also focuses on the development of additional learning such as foreign languages, hotel accounts, and computer applications. Each student is given importance in learning soft skills, from communication to personality development; students can learn numerous life skills and ways to confidently present them in public.

  • Excel in professional career and/or higher education by acquiring solid foundation in hospitality and tourism.
  • Apply knowledge of hospitality and tourism as well as core specialization to solve complex hotel management challenges.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Hotel Industry, Commercial Kitchen operations, Front Office, Accommodation operation, Food & Beverage Service and the wines.
  • Exhibit professional and ethical standards, effective communication skills, teamwork spirit, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach for successful careers.
  • Able to compete globally, function as leaders, as entrepreneurs, manage information efficiently and participate in lifelong learning.

Fully equipped laboratory facilities allow students to showcase their knowledge and develop their skills according to industry requirements.

  • Front Office Lab
    Front office lab is intended to look at the reception and lobby area of the star hotel. The lab is set with reception counter, bell desk, world clock, GRE desk, internet connection and is also equipped with luggage trollies.
  • Housekeeping Lab
    The housekeeping lab is designed to meet the needs of each guest with housemaid trolley. In addition to this laboratory, there are specialized areas such as a laundry room and a model room. This guest room model is configured to the industry standard, a mock-up configured with the most up-to-date furniture to meet the demands of the industry. Time-friendly hands-on classes are becoming the best way to deliver content to students. Training students in the necessary skills and competencies goes hand in hand with the regular curriculum to provide students with impeccable knowledge.
  • Food Production Lab
    The food production department has the following kitchens such as Basic Training Kitchen, Quantity Training Kitchen, Advanced Training Kitchen, and Bakery and Confectionery, all kitchens are fully equipped and few modern equipment emphasize in-depth culinary training.
  • Food & Beverage Service Lab
    The training restaurant resembles the restaurant of a star hotel. It is equipped with air conditioning and luxurious seating arrangements. It also has a mock bar. The set up gives students ample opportunity to gain impeccable knowledge of restaurant operations.
  • Library
    The hotel management school has its own library, in addition to the main library; with a wide range of books, magazines and other culinary printed materials for the students to refer.
  • Computer Lab
    The laboratory consists of computers and printers with Internet connection; make it accessible for students to practice computer skills and search for valuable data and information.
  • BHM1702 Foundation Course in Food Production
  • BHM1005 Foundation Course in Food and Beverage Service
  • BHM2001 Food Production
  • BHM2002 Food and Beverage Service
  • BHM2010 Quantity Food Production
  • BHM2011 Beverage Services
  • BHM3027 Advanced Food Production
  • BHM2018 Food and Beverage Services Operations
  • BHM3028 Advanced Food Production Operations
  • BHM2013 Advanced Food and Beverage Services Operations
  • BHM1003 Foundation Course in Accommodation Operation
  • BHM1004 Foundation course in Front Office
  • BHM2003 Accommodation Operation
  • BHM2004 Front Office
  • BHM3022 Accommodation and Linen Operation
  • BHM3023 Front Office Operations
  • BHM2019 Accommodation Management
  • BHM3024 Front Office Management
  • BHM3029 Advanced Accommodation Management
  • BHM3030 Advanced Front office Management
  • BHM3018 Event Management
  • BHM3025 Nutrition
  • BHM3020 Food Safety and Hygiene
  • BHM1007 Personality Development
  • BHM3014 Human Resource Management
  • BHM2016 Travel and Tourism
  • BHM1008 Facility Planning
  • BHM3015 Entrepreneurship Development
  • BHM3026 Room Division Management

The Students can opt for careers in star hotels and allied industries..

  • Catering services (Railways / Defense / Manufacturing Industries / Flight catering / Cruise liners)
  • Retail sector in Food and Beverage division
  • Research and development
  • Healthcare
  • Fast food chains
  • Hotel and Catering Institutes
  • Institutional management (Cafeterias in schools, Colleges, Factories, Company guest houses and so on)
  • Guest houses and Club management
  • As entrepreneur to start hospitality business

Above all, it enables our students to be optimally suited to the hotel, leisure, travel, tourism and many other related fields.