VIT School of Design (V-SIGN)

V-SIGN’s master’s program in Industrial Design has been built considering the futuristic job demands and challenges demanded by the industry. The students are trained to approach product design from a holistic viewpoint - integrating the aesthetics, ergonomics, and engineering in a balanced and harmonious manner.

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M.Des. (Industrial Design)

  • This Programme prepares students to become industry leaders and equip them to tackle the complexity of design problems in the 21st century by creating products, systems, and environments which help to innovate and improve everyday objects and situations.
  • Career options include design and leadership positions in various industries like consumer electronics, home appliances, healthcare products, education, transportation, furniture, digital design, OTT platforms, and IT.
  • Curriculum includes training in becoming a professional in design companies or a designer in start-ups / leading product manufacturing houses or a successful entrepreneur.