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School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)

The curricula of programmes have been designed to cater to the ever changing needs and demands of IT industry. The focus is on holistic learning and empowering students to make significant contributions at all levels. The cafeteria system of electives gives a handful of choices for the students to develop expertise in their area of interest.

B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission and Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The School offers research programmes such as M.Tech. (by research) and Ph.D. All engineering, M.Sc. programmes have been accredited by Institution of Engineering & Technology, UK (IET- formerly known as IEE, UK) during the year 2004-05.

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B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

The B.Tech CSE program attracts talented undergraduates from diverse backgrounds. The curriculum is designed to integrate core computing theoretical foundations with coding skills. Apart from core courses, electives are offered in various Computer Science frontiers creating opportunities to focus on recent trends. Various platforms are pitched for interaction with Industry counterparts and have students gain insight into real-world problems. Utmost care is taken to build values and professional ethics in students who become open to new challenges. On completion of the program, graduates get moulded with technical and leadership skills with strong professional ethics to serve software/data infrastructure as analysts, architects, quality engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engg with Spec. in Bioinformatics

The program - B.Tech CSE with specialization in Bioinformatics is one of the first flagship cross-disciplinary programs. It features a core computer science foundation integrated with biology. The curriculum is designed to create information-driven technologists. The students experience a learning convergence of data analysis with biostatistics, molecular biology, etc., Thus, the program uniquely transforms the students to specialise in bioinformatics. The project components allow the students to explore problem-solving and new research dimensions. Be it a position in the Industry or pursuing Masters in Bioinformatics or go on to become Entrepreneurs, the program chalks a way for their dreams.

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Spec. in Information Security

The B.Tech CSE program with specialization in Information Security addresses the growing need for Information Security Professionals. The curriculum explores the transformation of Information Security from its inception to recent trends. It introduces the students to the security principles, vulnerabilities, threats, policies, and regulatory compliances. The curriculum embraces core computer science concepts and leads the learners to understanding controls and mitigating information security threats. This gives the students an edge to explore the specialization in synch with their interests. As the students explore the depths of Information security, on completing the program, they become successful information security engineers in domain such as Aviation, Critical Systems, Banking, Telecommunications, Healthcare-based Services, Social Media, etc,..

B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering and Business systems (in collaboration with TCS)

The B.Tech CSE and Business Systems program is offered in collaboration with Industry Counterpart - Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., This program is designed to encompass core computer science skills and specific industry requirements. The curriculum includes exclusive courses like Design Thinking, Cognitive Science & Analytics, Usability Design of Software Applications, etc., The students evolve into industry ready and become software engineers with critical skill set.

B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in IoT

With the advent of new technologies, Computer Science & Engineering has become ever more prevalent across many domains. Internet of Things (IoT) connects people to everyday work through a dynamic system. B.Tech CSE with specialization in IoT is designed to capture the foundation of core computer science skills integrated with the underlying technologies that drive the IoT. This program exposes students to embedded systems and circuits for developing interoperable applications. The program gears our undergraduates for top-notch industries to work as IoT designers and engineers. It also opens up avenues for research pursuits. The specialization program gives an edge for the students who go on to become successful entrepreneurs in this novel field.

B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Data Science

The B.Tech CSE program with specialization in Data Science focusses on integrating Data Analytics to core computer science. It aims to develop students to excel in Data Science specific areas by inducing them to employ mathematical models with indispensable engineering and scientific principles to unravel solutions for life problems in the area of data science. With the ever more increasing data, every business is contemplating on data-driven decision making. The curriculum of this programme is designed to introduce the students to data-oriented skills like Programming for Data Science, Predictive Analytics, etc., The undergraduates of this program go on to become Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Data Warehouse Architect, Business Intelligent Analysts, and Big Data Architects where they harness the knowledge gained from data into business actionable intelligence.

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Blockchain Technology

The B.Tech CSE program with specialization in Blockchain Technology is focusing on a distributed digital ledger, cryptography, and revolution in the field of information technology. Blockchain technology has won the world over increasing focus towards digitization. This program holds core Computer Science concepts and the curriculum includes courses like Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and the development of blockchain applications. The student will get in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology and become a successful Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Software Engineer, Blockchain Solution Architect. Blockchain is remarking a major demand in various areas including Banking, Logistics, Analysts, Healthcare, and Public Administration.