School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)

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The School has many industry sponsored advanced laboratories for doing research. Schneider Electric, India and NxP Semiconductors, India, have established Centre of Excellence for students R&D activities under the guidance of faculty members and Industry experts. Students regularly visit Industries and significant places for learning. The School has signed MoUs with many foreign Universities, research organizations and Industries from where students get benefits for their R&D Work / Projects from the MoUs.

Courses Offered in Vellore Campus:

  • 1. M.Tech. Power Electronics and Drives
  • 2. M. Tech. Control and Automation

Courses Offered in Chennai Campus:

  • M.Tech. Electric Mobility

M.Tech. Power Electronics and Drives

The M.Tech. Power Electronics and Drives program created in harmony with industry requirements, provides extensive opportunity and platform for students to work in multidisciplinary research fields of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. The Program is integrated with field visits and in-house training covering various research domains like: Smart Grid, Power Converters, Advanced Electrical Drives and Electric Vehicles. The Students will receive training in state-of-the-art Industrial and Govt. sponsored laboratories that include Danfoss Advanced Electric Drives laboratory and Smart Grid laboratory.

  • Graduates will be engineering practitioners and leaders, who would help solve industry’s technological problems.
  • Graduates will be engineering professionals, innovators or entrepreneurs engaged in technology development, technology deployment, or engineering system implementation in industry.
  • Graduates will function in their profession with social awareness and responsibility.
  • Graduates will interact with their peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • Graduates will be successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering or management.
  • Graduates will pursue career paths in teaching or research.

Analysis of Power Converters / Generalized Machine Theory / Advanced Processors for Power Converters / Switched Mode Power Supplies/ Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems / Industrial Electrical Drives

Advanced Semiconductor Devices / Integrated Circuits for Power Conversion / Intelligent Control / Modern Control Theory / Energy Storage Systems / Advanced Power System Protection / Protocols for Smart Grids / Wind Energy Conversion Systems / Power Quality Analysis and Mitigation Techniques / Microgrid Technologies / Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles / High Voltage Direct Current Transmission / Pulse Width Modulation and Control / Solar Photo Voltaic Systems / Special Machines and Control


  • Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory
  • Advanced Drives Laboratory (Danfoss)
  • Smart Grid Laboratory (FIST-DST)
  • Solar Energy Research Laboratory

Major Equipment:

  • Grid simulator and PHIL
  • Smart Grid (Wind Turbine Emulator, Solar PV Emulator, Supercapacitor, Battery Pack, Fuel Cell Stack )
  • OPAL-RT(4200/5700), d-SPACE, Plexin 
  • dSPACE Controller
  • MicroLab box Hardware
  • PLECS RT Box
  • Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load
  • Programmable DC Power Supply with Solar array simulator
  • Programmable DC / AC Power Supply

The students get wide opening to work in world class Industries such as Danfoss, GE, TVS Electronics, Blue Star, Delphi, Alstom, Robert Bosch, Schneider Electric, Kone, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Honeywell, Volvo, Mahindra and Mahindra, IBM, Valeo, etc.

M. Tech. Control and Automation

The M.Tech. Control and Automation programme was started in the year 2013. This programme provides a platform for the creation and application of technology in multidisciplinary field to automation and control of industrial systems. The courses designed to provide well balanced theory and hands-on training in industrial automation, drives and controls, industrial data networks, process control and more to meet the demand of industries. The programme also provides courses in the latest areas like Machine learning, IIoT and many others. Through specific courses the graduates are employed in building automation, process control industries, automobile industries and pharmaceutical industries in addition to career as a researcher in premiere institutes in India and abroad.

System Theory / Random variables and State estimation / Smart Sensor Systems / Process Dynamics and Control / Real Time Embedded Systems / Industrial Automation

Industrial Robotics / Control of Electric Drives / Machine Learning / Industrial Data Networks / Power Plant control & Instrumentation / Data Acquisition & Hardware Interfaces / Flight Control Systems / Advanced Reliability Engineering / Building Automation / Optimal Control Systems / Adaptive and Robust Control / Discrete Control Systems / Fault detection and diagnosis / SCADA Systems and Applications / Modelling and Simulation of Electrical Systems / Multivariable Control System


  • Control System Lab
  • Automation Lab
  • Process Control Lab

Major Equipment:

  • SRV02 Work Station with Double inverted pendulum (Quancer)
  • SRV02 Work Station with 2dof ball balancer (Quancer)
  • SRV02 Work Station with quancer Qube servo motor (Quancer)
  • Magnetic levitation (Quancer)
  • SRV02 Work Station with ball and beam with remote sensor (Quancer)
  • SRV02 Work Station with Active Suspension (Quancer)
  • Siemen's S7 - 300 PLC Station for Substation Automation
  • Siemen's S7 - 400 PLC Station for Reactor Automation
  • CRIO-9076, NI9225- 3 channel,NI9227-4 channel, NIPS 15
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Two tank interacting conical tank system
  • Quadraple tank system

Demand for automation professionals is increasing day by day. According to the latest survey Machine learning and automation are the first and second high demand engineering jobs. And the job market is expected to grow exponentially in near future. To cater the need of the job market we have designed the curriculum. The graduates will be employed in building automation, process control industries, automobile industries and pharmaceutical industries.

Core Companies:

  • IFB Industries Ltd
  • Danfoss
  • Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited
  • Cummins India
  • L&T Electrical and Automation
  • Matrecomm Technologies
  • Dura Automotive Systems
  • Johnson Controls